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Dystopian diffraction:absence/presence


At Galeri Ruang Dini, the Bandung Photography Triennale event raised the sub theme "Dystopian Diffraction: Absence/Presence" for three artist works.


Alberto Marin presents an architectural landscape. The space that appears is a public space in urban areas. Existing buildings and spaces show various characteristics of the place, from ticket buildings, public buildings, and vacant land.


The urban space of the city that should be hustle and bustle with all its activities is actually "absence" by human activities.


With the absence of human activities, this public space will eventually become a private space. Marin's work also questions the architectural spatial order with intensions that all refer to the usability of the space from the human footprint.


Marin's work builds a relationship between the private and the public and the personal with the group.

Bandung Photography Triennale, 2022

Galeri Ruang Dini


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